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Carolyn German, Director and Lead Wordsmith

Developmental Editor, Project Coach, Corporate Client Lead

Carolyn German brings over 30 years of  wordsmithing to every project.  Her experience includes work across multiple sectors, including coporate, non-profit, government, educational, and the arts.   She holds a Master's of Professional Studies in Training and Development,  and earned a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University.   As an award-winning playwright, Carolyn excels at clarifing voice, tone, intention, and meaning, Carolyn employs these same skills to ensure that all content - from training materials to employee handbooks to web content - is targeted to the clients' needs.   Carolyn has a unique ability to organize, synthesize, and energize content in order to maximize results.

Alice Large

Editor,  Education Specialist

Alice Large is a keen editor and educator. She brings a depth of understanding of multi-cultural backgrounds, exemplified by her work teaching in Hong Kong at the US-accredited California International School. Additionally, she has valuable experience in creating content that is accessible to a broad demographic, including those for whom English is a second language.

Amanda Roche

Intuitive Writing / Social Justice / Journalism Specialist

Amanda Cantrell Roche has 20 years experience designing and facilitating school and community-based arts residencies. Trained in restorative arts, somatic practices, journalism, and aesthetic education, she works with students and teachers, youth in Davidson County’s Juvenile Gang Court program, and adults in the community to facilitate creation of works of art.