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For Corporate and Organizational Clients

Do your customers get the information they need from your brochures, websites, or other written content?  Does your team have the written resources they need to follow policies, implement core values, and engage with clients in a way that matches your mission?  Written content is only valuable to your clients, patrons, and team if it is actionable, understandable, and retainable. When our experts create written content for you, you can trust that it will serve your specific circumstances and reach your content goals.  We have expertise in a wide variety of genres and industries, and ensure that the content not only is targeted to your specific outcomes, but that it also aligns with your organizational culture, your strategic goals, and your branding.

For Individual Writers

Whether you are working on your novel, stage play, or book, we are here to offer editing services and professional insights. 

If you are finding it challenging to accomplish the work you know you are capable of, Project Coaching will be a great solution.  Project Coach Carolyn German will work with you to set your goals and timelines, offer insights and encouragement based in skill-building techniques, and provide developmental editing services, all so that your project moves forward toward your goal. 

Or, if you have a  first draft ready, our Developmental Editing services can be just the right fit.  Carolyn German hones your content by ensuring that it is organized, sturctured, and worded in the manner that will have the strongest impact on your readers, all while maintaining your unique voice and writing style.

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